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Gingher Rocks

Colorspace Creative studio remodel: I’m finding it’s actually quite a bit of fun to work with the upholstery leather. Gingher scissors rock pretty hard.IMG_1431

Leather, Copper, and Cedar

Colorspace is remodeling the studio! Our workspace is actually 30′ Islander sailboat moored at La Conner Marina, and, being from 1973, a lot of the interior was in need of an update. Leather, copper, and cedar – what else do you need for a renovation?

New Site

Well, here’s the obligatory “new site” post. There are a couple things we’re especially excited about, the main one being the home page that utilizes the new JavaScript rendering capabilities of HTML5. The portfolio page uses pixy rollovers, which seemed to be the most efficient way to handle a larger rollover image (no preload!) And everywhere else we’ve tried to keep the code clean and flexible. We’re always interested in ways of doing things better, so let us know if you see something that could have been done more efficiently!